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by Sparkk Studio May 23, 2017

Accent Pieces cover a range of accessories and items that serve to tie all the visual elements of a room together. This includes large furniture items like couches, coffee tables and ottomans, but also includes small decorative items like wall art and sculptures, throw pillows and ceramics. Overall, adding accent pieces to your home gives your space a personalised, lived in and finished look.

Here's a few quick tips and ideas to consider when working with accent pieces:

  • What kind of design ideas do you have for your home? Modern and contemporary? Coastal? Mediterranean? Whatever way you define your style, make sure your accent pieces match that theme or design aesthetic. It can be easy to go overboard with accent pieces and overpower the space so be sure to pick the items that you really love!

The Decorista / Grace Garrett's Modern Mediterranean Collection

  • Accent pieces are great for adding pops of colour to enhance more neutral schemes and furnishings.

Broste Copenhagen / The Design Files / Homedit

  • Think stylish but functional. With winter approaching, add some extra warmth with a new rug or a couple of new cushions. Layers are the easiest way to enhance that cosy atmosphere, but remember throw pillows should be attractive and comfortable. End tables can serve as places to set further decor or a lampshade for some late night reading, while a chest of drawers can add a touch of metal hardware while also providing storage space.

Jokes Vasseur / Saskia's Memphis Textures Collection

  • On a budget? Try moving your existing pieces from room to room - perhaps that beautiful ceramic piece that's always been a little out of place in your bedroom will be the perfect touch for your coffee table!
  • Line the empty spaces of shelves and book cases with your favourite knick-knacks and accessories.

The Edit / Fabelio

  • Looking to add a botanical touch? On top of being a great point of interest in a space, indoor plants are not only a grounding link to nature, but many varieties are particularly known for their air-filtering abilities. Textured or coloured foliage can easily add contrast and character. Have fun matching handmade or found ceramics that really personalise and tie the space together.

Pop & Scott / The Hanging Plants / Luisa Brimble

  • Experiment with lighting accents to switch up the mood and atmosphere of your space. Don't simply rely on your ceiling lamp, but try picking and choosing from a range of pendant lights, lamp shades and floor lights.
  • Can't quite find the right wall hanging or print? Statement clocks or mirrors can be another way to add interest to a blank wall.

Mermaid Wishing / Dana Tomic Hughes

      But most of all, have fun with it!

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