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5 basic design rules to decor your home.

1. Scale

Mix it up by playing with scale to emphasise a feature, create hierarchy or encourage new perspective in your space.

Grace Garrett's Modern Mediterranean cushions, Agadir - Pumice in Grande and Regular scale / Jurnal de Design Interior


2. Texture

Use the weight and feel of surfaces in your space to impact create and interest. Mix and match wooden panels, leather couches, metallic finishes, painted ceramics, linen cushions, chunky knit throws - have fun with it!


3. Colour

We all know colours are well and truly capable of drawing out certain emotions, moods and energies, giving your home endless possibilities. Don't be afraid to explore your personal favourite colour combinations and styles, influential eras and pick apart elements from current and upcoming trends!

The Interiors Addict Emfurn


4. Repetition

When used in moderation, repetition can help create unity and aid the flow and rhythm of your space. Try threading variations of the same colour or shape throughout different accessories and furnishings.

Shibori's Traveller Collection / Grace Garrett's Modern Mediterranean cushions in Three Birds Renovations


5. Negative Space

Use negative space to your advantage to avoid a cluttered or crowded look. Giving the key elements of your room space to breathe will distribute visual weight and enhance the illusion of more space and light.

Avenue Lifestyle / Neotecture

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