Back To The 80's

Bringing it back to the 80’s! This doesn’t mean that you have to go overboard with the eclectic, loud and over the top features that some of us may shudder at. Don’t think about those oversized shoulder pads and hair that has been back combed to its full potential. Instead let’s look at the design from the 80’s in its glory. This was a decade where boring no longer was ok, therefore more and more designers and artist really began to jump outside of the box.

There are a few strong key elements from this decade that flawlessly fall into place alongside contemporary design today.

First of Pastels, a fine line between making a room seem light refreshing and sophisticated and making it look like a room for a new born girl or boy.  Contrast the lighter colours with darker materials and accessories, such as furniture, surfaces and even frames for your artwork.

The Memphis Group, if you are unaware of what exactly The Memphis Group was about  check out this link. It was a design movement about new expressivity in the form of new shapes, materials and patterns.

This style is timeless as it offers so much playfulness and its aesthetic is all about mixing and matching prints. Check out Sparkk’s Memphis range herecreated by Saskia Rysenbry , and see for yourself how well our cushion sets work by following this patchwork collage of patterns.

Geometrics, from stripes, grids to chevrons the 80s relished in geometrics. Our Sparkk Grid wallpaper is a perfect canvas to work from, as seen is House & Gardens feature above. With option of custom colouring it to your liking you can subtly bring the 80s twist to the walls.

Images other than our own sourced from Lonny /  4 Murs / House & Garden 



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