HOW TO: Furniture & Matching Colours

When looking for colours to best suit your furniture - whether you've just moved into a new place, or just feel like redecorating - it can sometimes be a little overwhelming with so many colour choices! There is definitely no "right" or "wrong", because it's all up to personal taste. However to get you started, here are a few suggestions based off our cushion collections that we think will match some of the most common furniture colours.

First things First!

Colours can be chosen to either compliment or contrast your furniture. Using a colour wheel is always helpful! Find your furniture colour on the wheel. Surrounding colours will generally compliment as they have similar tones. Opposite colours on the wheel, as the name suggests, will contrast and give your space a dynamic flair.

Wooden Furniture

Furniture made from wood generally include bed heads, desks or tables, and cupboards. These can come in different shades such as dark, medium or golden yellow.

Dark Finishes 

Lighter colours such as oranges, yellows, neutrals, or pastel blues and greens generally contrast well with darker finishes to lighten up the space!

Remodelaholic / Bricks - Spicy / Bhati - Aegean  /

Medium Tones

Light colours such as oranges, yellows or neutrals generally compliment medium tones quite nicely. Or darker colours such as maroons, browns, or dark greens and blues can be great for contrasting.

Anna White / Bricks - Spicy / Cityscape Night - Indigo /

Golden Yellow Tones

Warm, earthy tones work extremely well with golden yellow tones. Darker colours contrast well such as reds, earthy green, teal or aubergine.

Pretty Lamps / Obsidian - Brick / Amanteca - Aubergine /

Fabric and Leather

Furniture covered in fabric and leather generally include sofas, chairs and footstools. We've picked out some common colours, including brown, blue, beige and grey.


Beige or orange tones can be used to compliment, or blues and greens can be used to contrast.

Basanti Tile - Dove / Palm - Fern/ Domino/


Smokey greys and pale blues are great complimentary colours, or browns and red tones can contrast quite well.

Bhavani Stripe - Palace / Marcea - Fog/ Blog Lovin'/


Earthy stone or moss colours can be used to compliment, whilst purples and blues are great contrasting colours.

Coconuts - Lucite / Cityscape Night - Indigo / Beige living room /


Pale greens or teal are great as complimentary colours, or reds, browns and yellows can be used to contrast.

Mermania - Green Piped / Silverado - Sojourn / Kasia Rutkowiak /


We hope we've got you inspired!

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