Cushion Sets

Can't decide which beautiful cushions to get ? Our Sparkk shop has luckily got you covered with ready made cushion sets for you to get your hands on !

Flamingos have really had a huge stylish comeback over the years. That is why we couldn't resist including one of our favorites in the pile. Tropical inspired trends are only getting bigger now the sunnier days are arriving. So get a hold of our beautiful bird in pink matched with our Crosses set. Experiment using this pink in a sophisticated monochromatic scheme along with further peeps of pink through softer touches such as flowers.

The Flamingo Set / Dezeen / Metal Dust Studio / Etsy

Indigo, a timeless beauty, a dark, dramatic and rich colour that has been popular for centuries. Our Shibori Ink Set can be used as an accent colour for a bright and uplifting space with a bit of the coastal vibe. Bring it all together with those rich wooden tones from the furniture and flooring.

Shibori Ink Set / The Society Inc / Pampa

If you are working around white walls bring in the movement and energy with our Memphis sets. Designed by Saskia Rysenbry, this collection was influenced by the iconic Italian design collective from the 80s that emerged from art deco, pop art and postmodernism. Get a hold of our Memphis big set or just treat yourself to the Memphis small set.

The Memphis Big Set /  The Memphis Small Set / Love Print Studio /  Rock Style

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